Why China&Asia will be global luxury leather goods biggest market

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The Bain & Company’s ‘Global Luxury Market Study (Autumn Edition) for 2023’ forecasts a record-setting year for the global luxury market, with sales expected to reach 1.5 trillion euros, marking an 8-10% increase from 2022. The rebound in luxury experiences, driven by social interaction and global travel’s recovery, contributes significantly to this growth. The luxury market continues its upward trend with an 11-13% increase at constant exchange rates. The personal luxury goods segment, a key market component, is projected to grow by 4% to 362 billion euros. Moreover, the study forecasts a slowdown in 2024 for personal luxury goods, with growth rates expected to be in the low single digits due to macroeconomic factors.

Statista forecasts that the global revenue for ‘Luxury Leather Goods’ will grow by 16.6 billion U.S. dollars (+21.87%) from 2023 to 2028, reaching a peak of 92.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2028 after eight years of continuous growth.

Moreover, the growing China market opens global possibilities for brands and e-commerce retailers. Will this market be your prime target, too? ABefore you decide, it is helpful to learn more about China Luxury brand trends and consumers.

The luxury industry in China.

  1. China’s luxury market has rapidly grown, fueled by the expanding middle class and rising incomes.
  2. Young consumers, especially millennials and Generation Z, heavily influence the market through active engagement with digital marketing and social media.
  3. Luxury brands utilize e-commerce and platforms like WeChat and Little Red Book for customer engagement.
  4. Chinese culture is a key preference, leading luxury brands to incorporate local elements in products and marketing.
  5. Domestic consumption of luxury goods is rising due to travel restrictions and government encouragement.
  6. Experiential luxury is gaining traction, with a focus on travel, dining, and unique experiences.
  7. Government policies, like anti-corruption campaigns and import tariffs, can significantly impact consumer preferences.
  8. Sustainability and Authenticity: Like in other markets, Chinese consumers are increasingly aware of issues like sustainability and authenticity. Luxury brands focusing on ethical practices and authenticity may find favor with the more socially conscious consumer base.

The luxury market in China stays dynamic and adaptable, responding to shifting consumer behaviors, tech advancements, and global economic trends.

Market Trends for Luxury Leather Goods in Southeast Asia

The market for luxury leather goods in Southeast Asia has its unique trends and characteristics, shaped by the region’s diverse cultures, economic developments, and consumer behaviors. Here are some key trends in the luxury leather goods market in Southeast Asia:

  • Southeast Asia wants more luxury leather goods.
  • Brands team up with local influencers to connect better with their audience.
  • People like global brands that mix local styles, making products unique and culturally relevant.
  • Sustainability and ethical fashion matter more now, with people caring about the environment and ethics in fashion.
  • Many in Southeast Asia like personalized luxury items, so brands offering customization are popular.
  • Luxury goods, including leather ones, stay stable during economic ups and downs, thanks to a small but rich customer base.
  • Younger buyers prefer stylish, practical luxury items for everyday use.
  • Tourism boosts sales of luxury leather goods in Southeast Asia, especially in airports and travel hubs.

In one word, the luxury leather goods market in Southeast Asia is marked by a blend of traditional luxury consumption driven by brand prestige and a growing inclination towards digital engagement, personalization, and sustainability. Soocci is specializing makeing high end leather goods metal hardware, you may need help, please feel free to touch us.

Advantages of the luxury leather goods Industry in Southeast Asia and China

  1. Expanding Consumer Base: Both regions have a growing middle class and increasing wealth, creating a large market for luxury goods.
  2. Digital and E-commerce Strength: High digital use and strong online shopping infrastructure in both areas help luxury brands connect with consumers online, making it easier to shop.
  3. Cultural Diversity and Design Innovation: The diverse cultures of Southeast Asia and China inspire a variety of designs that appeal to many tastes.
  4. Youthful Demographics: Many consumers in both regions are millennials and Gen Z, who like to try new brands and products.
  5. Preference for Luxury and Quality: People in both areas love luxury brands because they see them as symbols of success, leading to high demand for quality leather goods.
  6. Rising Interest in Sustainability: There is an increasing awareness and appreciation for sustainability and ethical production in both regions, aligning with global trends towards responsible consumption.

These factors combined contribute to a dynamic and growing market for luxury leather goods in Southeast Asia and China, characterized by digital innovation, cultural richness, and a strong consumer demand for quality and luxury.

Future of China&Asia Luxury Leather Goods Market.

  1. Continued Growth: Driven by an expanding affluent class and increasing consumer spending.
  2. Digital Innovation: Further integration of e-commerce and digital marketing strategies will be crucial for reaching and engaging consumers.
  3. Sustainability Focus: Growing consumer awareness about sustainability will likely lead brands to adopt more eco-friendly practices.
  4. Youth Influence: Younger generations will continue to shape market trends with their preferences and purchasing power.
  5. Localization: Brands may increasingly incorporate local cultural elements to appeal to regional tastes.
  6. Technological Advancements: Use of technology in personalization and enhanced customer experience will become more prevalent.

Overall, the luxury leather goods market in China and Asia is poised for dynamic growth with a strong focus on digital engagement, sustainability, and adapting to local consumer preferences.

Ways on How Emerging Brands Can Keep Up

Embrace OEM/ODM/Private Label Customization Service

Soocci provide top-notch manufacturing and formulation services. As a company or brand that wants to keep up in the fast-paced market in Southeast Asia and China, these options offer stringent management control and product launches. Companies like Soocci Accessories can help small brands and start-up companies because they have resources and experience. It will be beneficial if you are seeking efficiency and manufacturing solutions.

Soocci Establish Brands through Trends

We have mentioned the various trends you can cover in your brand and products. Since the Southeast Asia and China market is continuously growing, you must find a unique take to maintain your position. Go for innovative solutions and find the right balance between R&D and marketing.

Put the User Experience First

Online Shopping in Asia become popular today. However, we must always find the balance between online and offline marketing. Online exposure allows brands and companies to reach many consumers locally and globally. It also increases brand awareness, social media engagement, and website traffic. In contrast, offline exposure allows interaction with your consumers. It gives the products a unique experience firsthand, wherein they can provide insightful feedback.


The global luxury leather goods market has great potential and growth. China and Asia has also increased its eCommerce market and logistics, aiding income and consumption. It has become a competitive industry where brands and companies fight for a spot. Therefore, if you also want to be spot on in this market, Soocci can help! We have all-inclusive services, award-winning manufacturing services, and certifications, so don’t hesitate to contact us.


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