Which Is The Production Steps In PVD Process Flow

PVD Machine

In stainless steel hardware and luggage accessories, we often encounter a process called vacuum metallization. Vacuum metallization, also known as PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), provides the function of adhering different surface colors, thereby protecting stainless steel accessories from corrosion while enhancing aesthetics Specialized equipment decomposes metal ions at high speed and uniformly disperses them onto stainless steel accessories. Now, let’s break down the steps involved in this process.

About the production Steps in PVD Processing.

There are 7 steps in the PVD processing, now we will share each processing picture and detail to you.

  1. 1Stainless Steel Accessories Preparation
  2. 2. Stainless Steel Accessories Cleaning
  3. 3.Stainless Steel Accessories Drying
  4. 4. Replacement of Vacuum Metallization Fixtures
  5. 5. Metallization Process InitiationStep
  6. 6. Unhanging and Quality Inspection
  7. 7. Assembly and Shipment

Step #1 Stainless Steel Accessories Preparation


Prepare the stainless steel accessories for metallization. Use metal fixtures called hangers to hang the products one by one. Different product structures require different hanger arrangements. During hanging, take care to protect the surface from scratches; subsequently, proceed to the next step once you have hung all items.

Step #2 Stainless Steel Accessories Cleaning

PVD Plating Auto Clean

Before metallization, ensure the surface of stainless steel accessories is free from any dust or impurities; subsequently, proceed with the metallization process. Typically, technicians clean the products with a special wax solution to remove surface impurities. SOOCCI utilizes state-of-the-art automated wax cleaning lines, ensuring thorough cleaning of each product through 3-5 cycles and equipped with clean rooms to maintain a dust-free environment.

Step #3 Stainless Steel Accessories Drying

PVD Dry Machine

After cleaning, the stainless steel accessories must be completely dry to prevent damage to the vacuum metallization equipment. SOOCCI possesses China’s most advanced automatic drying ovens. Technicians subject each product to 3-6 hours of drying; Subsequently, technicians automatically transfer it to a designated area in a dust-free room for the next step, ensuring optimal conditions for further processing.

Step #4 Replacement of Vacuum Metallization Fixtures


Technicians use different fixtures in this step compared to Step #1. They utilize customized internal fixtures suitable for the size of the vacuum metallization chamber. Technicians remove products from ordinary fixtures and re-hang them on new metallization fixtures. Then, they place the products in glass carts to protect the surfaces from dust.

Step #5 Metallization Process Initiation


Metallization technicians adjust various parameters on the equipment’s computer and load different color targets, such as gold targets. Technicians typically set the thickness of the metallized color to 0.05 micrometers. After preheating the machine, they load the prepared fixtures and start the computer. Once the equipment receives the signal, it starts rotating at high speed under electric drive, and the ionized metal particles deposit onto the product surface.

Step #6 Unhanging and Quality Inspection


After 6-24 hours, the equipment is shut down, and the fixtures are removed and placed into carts. Quality inspectors carefully remove the products from the fixtures and inspect them for color consistency. However, due to factors such as the position of products on the fixtures and the orientation of the surfaces, achieving 100% uniform color is impossible. Therefore, before metallization, samples are sent to the customer for color comparison, typically consisting of three color samples (top, middle, bottom). Subsequently, quality inspectors compare the finished products to these samples.

Step #7 Assembly and Shipment

After final product inspection, they proceed to assembly and final quality confirmation. Once confirmed, the products are packaged and placed in the warehouse for shipment. Additionally, they undergo final inspection to ensure quality before being dispatched to their destination.

The above steps outline the basic production process of vacuum metallization. SOOCCI has a modern, clean, and tidy 2000-square-meter vacuum metallization automated production line equipped with specialized testing equipment to ensure every product meets customer requirements. If you have any questions regarding this process, feel free to contact us


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