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Your Trusted Metal Rivet Manufacturer

SA8000 System/OEM/ODM

About Metal Rivet Collection

Stainless Steel Rivet

316L Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Rivet

316L Stainless Steel/IPS

Stainless Steel Rivet and Button

316L Stainless Steel/EXPOY Glue

Stainless Steel Rivet

316L Stainless Steel/PVD Gold Plating

How Do We Could Help You

Soocci work with you, which would help you to support you business from many ways. We total understand customer literally what they wanna get. 



Soocci’s stainless steel accessories are crafted with precision and care, using top-grade materials for durability and elegance. Every piece is rigorously tested for quality, ensuring lasting beauty and function.

Take control

Easy on the Budget

Soocci’s products offer exceptional quality at affordable prices, making luxury accessible and budget-friendly.


Does The Job

Soocci’s accessories are designed for efficiency and reliability, ensuring they perform exceptionally in everyday use.

Modern Fonts

One Stop Production

Soocci offers a comprehensive, one-stop solution for all your stainless steel accessory needs, streamlining your purchasing experience.

Estimated Purchasing Cost Structure

CNC Sample Cost

For CNC Sampling, quickly making and customer wanna check the effects, CNC would be good choice, the cost not too high. For old customer, we usually do not ask them to pay.

Moulding Charge

For MIM mold, the cost often is about 3000 USD to 5000USD for producing mass production. 

Mass Product Cost

The cost of our stainless steel accessories products varies depending on the specific product and the quantity ordered. We offer competitive pricing and volume discounts to ensure you get the best value for your money. 

Sample Cost

If samples we have the stock in the warehouse, it’s free. You will paid if the sample need to build up CNC mold. 

Shipping Cost

We often use air shipping to delivery our goods, like UPS/DHL/FEDEX, Thus for those cost, all depends on official quote. 

Local Imported Tax

This is about your local country tax standard, we follow you do what document you need.    


Factory Production Time and Shipping Time

CNC Sample Time: 3-7 days

When we receive your drawing and idea confirm, we started build 3D print mold or using CNC to set up a initial sample for  checking the effects. Our design and research people who will follow very tightly. Normally, just 3 days, you could check the mold. If for too complex structure, probally need 7 days. 

Mold For Mass Production:7-30 days

When the CNC or 3D sample mold that is confirmed, start to plan to place the bulk order, then if we have mold, then directly to start the bulk order production. If we have no mold, which need to open it, depends on process of work art. MIM Tooling usually need 15-30 days. The punching mold often need 7-15 days. 

Sample Order Time: 3-15 days

Depends on stock or no stock, for some item, if we have the stock, then 3 days could ship. If there is no stock, then need some days to finish the sample order.

Bulk Order Production Time: 15-30 days

After mold or other details confirm, we often need 15-30 days to finish the bulk order, the simple structure, just short time to finish. For the complex item, the production time probably need longer to finish. 

Shipping Time: 3-5 days

Shipping time, we often use air express, like DHL or UPS, thus you need like 3-5 working day to get the parcel. 

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