How to Choose a Reliable Metal Hardware OEM Manufacturer in China

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Metal Hardware is one of the leading categories in the handbag accessories market , and stainless steel accessories with a global market share of 32 percent. Even though it experienced a decline of 1.2 percent because of the COVID-19 pandemic, its projected revenue will be US$177 billion by 2025. So it is still a pretty lucrative market. This is just Metal Hardware for handbag accessories market.

If your business focuses on luxury, that’s good news. But you have to overcome one biggest challenge if you want to boost your profit and increase your market share. You have to find a reliable Metal Hardware Components OEM manufacturer that delivers on its promise and does not overprice its products.

This article will go into detail about OEM/private label in Bag Metal Hardware Accessories, the pros and cons of using an OEM company, and how to choose a reliable provider.

What is Metal Hardware Accessories OEM/ODM?

Before we discuss how to find a reliable bag metal hardware components OEM provider, let’s look at the basics first. And that is defining what OEM is and how it is different from ODM.

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What is an metal hardware accessories OEM?

OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer, while ODM means Original Design Manufacturer.

What an OEM does is create a customer’s product fully designed by that customer. Foxconn is the most popular example of an OEM. The company builds the iPhones designed by Apple. The design is exclusive to Apple alone, and Foxconn is the licensed manufacturer.

How does OEM working?

Here’s the process of how OEM works to give you a clearer idea:

1.The order products from Customer

The process starts when the client orders a specific metal hardware accessories product. It could be snap hook, ring buckle, belt buckle, D ring, Chains, Handbag clasp and more. These stainless steel accessories products which will carry the client’s luxury brand bag and shoes. Including the logos and other special features exclusive to the client.

2.The OEM creates the product.

The OEM builds the specific amount of products the client has ordered.

3.The OEM delivers the product.

After completing the order, the OEM delivers the private label products, and the client pays the provider.

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What is an ODM?

An ODM, on the other hand, already has hundreds of original products in its inventory. That’s why an ODM is often called a “private labeling” company where they do everything for you. All you have to do is choose an existing product design, make a few adjustments, and put your logo on it. Luxury fashion brand often base on their bag design and choose what kinds of metal hardware components to match the bag.

As you know, all luxury brand company which own their design and metal hardware development team. They get infomation and data from their company and then go to find the supplier, share their idea for the metal hardware accessories and then factory base on their mind to produce their order.

Why Choose an OEM/ODM Metal Hardware Manufacturer?

Whether you have an existing brand already or just starting out, there are a lot of reasons why choosing a stainless steel accessories manufacturer is the best step forward.

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Full control over the design

The OEM manufacturer cannot make any changes to your design or the product ingredients without your approval. If you are not satisfied, you can find another provider.

Reliable quality

OEM providers work directly with their clients. So, they manufacture the products exactly what their clients want them to be. As a result, quality is better from the ingredients to the packaging.

Competitive Pricing

OEM skincare/cosmetic manufacturers often offer competitive prices. Most of the time, they build within the budget of their customers. You can save even more if you order in bulk.

Faster production

When you deal with a metal hardware manufacturer, production time is shorter. That’s because they keep the ingredients on hand, and their logistics are much better.

Provide excellent support

Soocci OEM works directly with their customers, you can easily contact them if you have concerns with your product. They also offer a wide range of support from packaging design to research and development.

They work closely with their clients to make sure every ingredient meets the quality standards. Also, an OEM is very precise and they go beyond to ensure they meet the demands of their client.

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How to Choose the Right OEM Metal Hardware Maufacturer/?

Every world-class brand struggled with finding the right bag stainless steel accessories manufacturer. Some were lucky and found long-term partners, while others had a hard time finding the right one.

China has become a world leader in manufacturing. But there are a lot of OEM manufacturers who have made a lot of promises but failed to deliver. How do you make sure that you have made the right choice?

Start with the basics

You have contacted several OEM manufacturers and are studying their quotes. But choosing the right provider goes beyond numbers. You might save a few thousand dollars, but the provider fails you in many other areas. That can cost you more. So, finding the right balance between price and quality is very important to you.

Look at their commitment

Your bag metal accessories should be an asset to your company. In order to have a good working relationship, their beliefs and procedures should align with yours. Look at the level of service they offer. Also, look at the other expertise they bring to the table. If that expertise is important to you, make sure the provider you choose has that.

Get to know your OEM

Once you have shortlisted your options, take action and visit each of the manufacturers on your list. Get to know the people who manage and work there. Get a feel for what it’s going to be like working with them. Can they deliver from start to finish?


The Advantage of Soocci

How can Soocci bring your brand or business to the next level? Why choose us as your OEM Bag Stainless Steel Accessories Manufacturer?

Experience and Expertise

Soocci has been in Bag and shoes metal hardware accessories for 13 years. With one stop station production house, we can meet big bulk orders. Our main markets are Europe luxury brand bag and shoes metal accessories.

Supports Low MOQ

Don’t worry if you are a small business or just starting out. Soocci supports low MOQ starting at 100-1000pcs. Feel free to contact us, so we can help you with what you need.

Fast and Easy Business Process

We have created a no-hassle business process for our customers. Let us know what you want by filling out the form on our website. After that, our dedicated sales staff will contact you, give you a quote on the prices, and send you quality samples. If you are satisfied with the samples, we can discuss further details about your product, from packaging to logistics.

Soocci Accessories Ltd

Wide Range of Products

We offer a wide range of bag, shoes, 3C consumer electronics Metal hardware Accessories, Medical devices and more. Our products range covered all stainless steel accessories applications.

If you have a special requiremnt you want to include in your product, we can include them during the manufacturing process. However, they have to pass our engineer’s review to make sure they comply with the international safety quality standard.

Excellent Support

Our commitment and dedication do not stop after we deliver the products to you. We are committed to your success. After all, your success is our success. If you have questions or concerns, just call us and we will make sure we address those concerns.


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