Pin Buckle » Stainless steel


  • Item: watch pin buckle 

    Plating: PVD

    • Adding logo by etching 
    • Material: stainless steel 
    • Surface: shiny, brushed, matt 
    • Color: silver, gold, gun metal, matt black or custom color

Advantages of stainless steel against brass / zamak: 

1. Much more accurate and exquisite. 

2. Highest quality of anti-wear, high anti-corrosion, high anti- oxidation. 

3. Highest rates to pass various tests & inspection: like reaching plating standard of Montblanc etc. 

4. General sizes can share and use our existing molds to save much molding cost. 

5. Welding can be used to produce assembled products & items with complicated structure.

6. Various techniques can be used to meet many clients' different requirements. 

7. Taking stainless steel into use of leather industry is a prospective trend leading by top brands such as LV, Channel, Prada, Montblanc.

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