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Main advantages of our products
Part 2 – from the designer’s view
28 August, 2013

1, stainless steel products are made by CNC machine, so it can be made more smaller/thinner and precise that zinc alloy/brass can not achieve,

2, stainless steel products are more flexible than zinc alloy /brass, different technology can be applied, which the other materials can not do, for example, engraving, groove etc.

3, stainless steel products have a better strength than zinc alloy/brass, it allows the designer to use a smaller buckle and keep the same strength, which will make the overall appearance more elegant.

4, considering the density of the stainless steel is better than zinc alloy/brass, the 3D effect is easy to achieve and in better condition, especially when it applies on quite small pieces.

5, multi color effect are also easy achieved on stainless steel products and in better condition.


With these advantages, it will be more flexible and convenient for the designer to achieve their unique and outstanding ideas.


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