Guangzhou Soocci Limited

The spirit of

will shine forever.

The spirit of craftsman,
The emotional and creative

Swan symbolizes poetic, elegant, beautiful, romantic and mysterious. Soocci is the company
carries swan’s character.
Craftsman means concentration, skill and pursuit of perfection. The craftsmen, who have emotion, faith and attitude, will look into every details, which we believe this is the key to success.

Soocci, a leading supplier for
high-end stainless steel
hardware & accessories.

On 2007, after 10 years experience in the leather goods industry, inspired and encouraged by the elegance of high quality products, we launched a new business of making exclusive quality stainless steel hardware & accessories, which specialized for the high-end leather bags and shoes.
By utilizing the advantages and characteristics of 316 Stainless Steel (eco-friendly, anti-oxidation, high-density material and can withstand strong strength), along with the unique design and craftsmanship, our products are admired and welcomed by all customers.
Our goal is to pursue the best quality products by the continuous innovation and try to be the leading supplier for high-end stainless steel hardware & accessories.

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